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1Workers' Health Evaluation Network

Medicals, clinics, occupational health information, and workers'' compensation. Details of services and contact details.


Tool zur Durchführung von Online-Befragungen. Der Stand der Studie ist jederzeit per WAP-Handy abrufbar.

3Canadian Evaluation Society - Ontario Chapter

Promotes quality of evaluation in public and private organizations Includes chapter information and news, advantages of membership and how to join, details of upcoming events, and various resources.


Si occupa di valutazione delle aziende secondo i metodi fondamentali. Contiene sezioni di analisi, approfondimento e formazione.

5Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc.

Materials testing laboratory providing analytical services for corrosion testing, electrochemistry, plastic testing, XPS, ESCA, infrared spectroscopy, FTIR, TGA, DSC, thermal properties, TMA, CTE, interface, composites, thin film, oxide, adhesion, surface finish and roughness, scanning electro microscopy, melting temperature, SEM, differential scanning calorimetry, failure analysis, forensic engineering, quality control, and surface chemistry.

6AF Operational Test and Evaluation Center (AFOTEC)

Determines operational capabilities and limitations of AF and joint systems to meet warfighter mission needs. Site offers 3 Det 1 "Industry Days" PPT briefings.