Similar sites

1Better Beginnings, Better Futures

Better Beginnings, Better Futures is a longitudinal prevention policy research demonstration project being implemented in 8 communities across Ontario, Canada. It is designed to prevent young childrn in low income, high risk neighbourhoods from experiencing poor developmental outcomes, which then require expensive health, education and social services.

2Better Beginnings Better Futures South East Ottawa

Family and community involvement in program development, implementation and evaluation; accessible, non-stigmatizing programs. Sensitive to social and cultural diversity of families and communities

3Brighter Futures

Mission is to support and enrich the lives of families through development of community driven programs and services. Includes meeting times.

4Community Futures Development Corporation

Find information on financial services, self-employment benefits, consulting and office services, as well as training and event planning.

5Community Futures Development Corporation

Community-based organization whose aims include building the local economy. Includes a description of programs, resource information, and a workshop schedule.

6Forest Futures

Working to change forest policy in British Columbia. Supports communities based forestry, BC tenure reform, value-added products.